Where no DM has gone before

Sometimes I think that I like things when they are new and different.  In between game sessions, I think about all the other games that are out there that I would like to try.  When it comes to the actual game session, I have such a good time that I realize that the important thing is getting together and the system matters little.

We actually talked about this with the group last session.  One of the players had tried Pathfinder, and another had a look at Savage Worlds.  I mentioned wanting to do a one shot to demonstrate GURPS to the group.

That got me thinking about what I would run in GURPS if I get the chance for the group.  I first thought about a Zombie game in a modern setting.  Certainly, that would be easy in GURPS, but zombies are kind of over-used at this point, and the setting doesn’t really showcase much of what GURPS can do.

Then I had the idea of doing something with Star Trek.  I had watched the Enterprise show not too long ago, so that was still in my mind.  I wanted to do something other than the “bridge crew”, so I had the idea that after reviewing what the Enterprise has done, Star Fleet has some new ideas for the second NX class ship, Columbia.  They decided that maybe it’s not a good idea to have the entire bridge crew step off the ship to investigate all matters.

This helps with creating the GURPS characters because you don’t have to spend all those skill points on “Bridge” skills and you could focus on “Away team” skills.

It didn’t take me too long to come up with a decent away team.  There’s the leader, an lieutenant Operations and Communications officer, a junior Doctor, the (obvious) Vulcan science officer, a pilot for the shuttle the team uses, and the “red shirt”, a security officer.  That security officer would actually be pretty useful since he has the most combat skills.

I then thought about the “Episode” that we would run and here’s what I’ve come up with:


On board the NX-02 Columbia, Captain Hernandez sits comfortably in her quarters.

“Captain’s log, February 12, 2156.  We’re en-route to the Mitor system for a schedulede diplomatic mission.  I’m excited about -” she’s interrupted by a call over the intercom.

“Windsor to Hernandez, we’re picking up a distress call… you probably will want to hear this for yourself.”

Hernandez, “I’m on my way”.  A minute later, and Hernandez is on the bridge, standing next to her first officer, Commander Quentin Windsor.  “What is it Quentin?”

Windsor pushes a few buttons. “Listen to this.”

“This is Michael Fergus, captain of the Columbia.  Our systems have been overloaded and we are attempting an emergency landing on the 7th planet in this system.  Are coordinates are 127.689, mark 368.013, mark 731.067, in relation to Earth, in the Sol system. — MESSAGE REPEAT, SEQUENCE 20,972,803”

“Captain, according to my calculations, the beacon has been broadcasting for 19 years.  It’s coming from Veresel 7.  It’s on our Vulcan star charts, but they have never investigated it.”

“Bad timing for this.  Ready the away team and their shuttlecraft.  You go with them and investigate if there are any survivors.  We’ll swing back around after our mission and should be back within a week.  Think you can handle it?”

“Of course we can!  This is exactly the kind of mission we’re here for.  I’ll get the team together.”


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