The Pathfinder Beginner Box

I wanted to post a small review of what you get with the Beginner Box.  This page will probably be used for reference for future posts.
Here’s a few pictures:


The inside materials.  You can see the “Pawns”, the Hero and Game Master handbooks, pregenerated characters, blank character sheets and the flip map.  More on that below.


The pawns.  They also come with plastic clips that hold them up on the board.  Very handy.  I have a large number of miniatures already, so these will probably be used just for back up.


Pregenerated characters.  Actually one part I’m not a fan of.  It’s a mix of a pregen and an explanation of how to make a character.  I think that combination makes it confusing for new players to just jump in to playing.


The plastic flip map.  Very nice.  Can be written on with dry or wet erase markers.  You can also see the included dice.


The reverse of the flip map.  Very handy to have the blank side!  Though, I’m not sure why it’s colored.  I think either white or a lighter color would be easier to use.


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